I’ve changed the pattern, but we’re still all good.


I added more fusible fleece and used bias tape instead of turning everything inside out and sewing it. I like this better.


Lion Brand Crochet Gift Set Contest!


Enter for a chance to win a size H-8 crochet hook, all of the Heartland yarn you’ll need to crochet the Sunset Shrug, a free pattern in the eBook – PLUS, 2 skeins of our newest yarn release, Unique.  Unique is a stunning, bulky weight yarn, in which each ply of the yarn is printed in a multicolor pattern, creating a bold tweed effect as you work with it.  Unique is a lofty, easy-care yarn which will be great for cool weather sweaters and accessories. Tote is included in giveaway.

Lion Brand Crochet Gift Set

Contemplating my career options.

From a young age, I’ve never fully known what I wanted to do. My career thoughts jumped from “pie shop owner” (which I can’t cook, whatsoever) to a zookeeper. My current thoughts have landed on owning my own yarn store, but not just a yarn store- a place where people can come and learn, socialize and experience a relaxed atmosphere. I would wish for a cafe/bakery to be on one side. (preferably ran by my wonderful friend, Laura) I want for there to be classes (preferably free) for people to come and learn how to knit and crochet.

I mainly would like to learn how to spin and dye my own yarn, I would also like to have a small farm of sheep and flowers- so I can harvest and color the yarn with my own materials.

I have so many ideas and dreams, but I just don’t have the funding or the will. I’m mainly afraid that I’ll spend tons of money going to business and craft school but will grow tired of my loved hobby. I really am afraid.