Welcome to the family!


My new Split Rock, Venus Fly Trap, and cacti. :):):)


Cacti tip

I’m posting this because even the worker at Home Depot wasn’t aware:


Those pretty flowers on top?


Nine time out of ten, they’re not real. If you get your plants from Home Depot, like I do, they glue the flowers on to “show what the plants could develop and bloom”. I, for one, think that’s a little bit crap, considering I’ve had to go at my plants with tweezers to remove the dried hot glue.
As you can imagine, its not the best thing to attempt to remove hot glue and fake flowers from a cactus plant with long spikes. I’ve suffered a few stabs trying to remove the imposter flowers. Also, they can damage the plants. My Rainbow hedgehog cactus has small spikes on their body, and upon removing the hot glue, it pulled a lot up. Resulting in a poor bald patch.

Anyway, just be aware and don’t be fooled by the flowers.

Succulent plants 101

So, as of the past while I’ve started a collection of succulent plants and today my collection expanded from one pot to four pots…. (I blame my tax return).


List of my plants:
Pachyphytum bracteosum
Echeveria Caribbean
Sedum praeltum cristata
– Old Man of the Andes
– Rainbow hedgehog cactus
– 2.5 grafted cactus
– Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
*new additions*
– 9cm aloe vera
– 2.5″ succulent
– Cremnosedum ‘Little Gem’
Gymnocalycium ‘Hibotan’
– Graptoveria Silver Star
– Donkey Tail
– Cactus asstd.
// I do realize that some of these names are scientific and some are not, but I read and wrote whatever was on the label. Some don’t even have names, they just said “cactus asstd.”. Go figure.

Cat cave: FINISHED!!

So happy that I finally finished this for the kitties. I made the top look like cat ears and I put their furry blanket inside of it. To be honest I’m worried about it collapsing, but its stood up well enough for now. I already know that the kitties love it.


Also, I used the kitchen mat pattern, FP DC around to create the basket, I alternated between DC and HDC throughout, and towards the top I used cluster stitches to begin to make it come together. I made this from holding three strands, and sometimes four strands together to get the sturdy outside.
All in all, a great project. The cats love it and so I’m happy.